Monday, 29 July 2013

Groomed bush and wine, these are a few of my favourite things....

On a lighter note – in preparation for D-day I just got a wax – finally, after I don’t know how many months. A lot. So I literally feel lighter! I am gorilla no more, and now the doc and his team won’t be horrified when I’m lying on the table half-naked ready to be cut open!

I wasn’t really bothered about it until I was at a friend’s baby shower and the other ladies (all childless and/or single) were laughing about the bush that you tend to see in birthing videos and I realised that that would be me. I used to be so conscious of good grooming and I really miss having the time to care! But seeing as I haven’t been able to see my V-JJ for months now, caring about it’s appearance has been easy to forget. But I do miss being able to see it. And my feet.

So because these things are heavily dominating my imagination at the moment, here is a list of things I have been missing being pregnant for more than a year (ignoring the 2 months between pregnancies – I was in grieving so they don’t really count anyway).

In no particular order (well except for Wine, that is definitely number 1):

  • Wine – no explanation needed. I need it. Soon.
  • Food – not any food in particular - although of course blue cheese, brie and salamis will be first on the post-baby menu – but just to enjoy eating food without feeling sick and bloated afterwards. To eat without the fear of reflux and nausea, and to enjoy the taste – pregnancy does weird things to my taste buds.
  • Flexibility – to sleep on my back, to bend down easily, to feel strong and mobile again! I hate this feeling that everything is weak and broken.
  • Sex – yep, it’s been more than a year really since the sex has been any good, that is, without a huge belly in the way of things. Plus TTC sex is the worst kind of sex, there is just way too much pressure when you’re wondering if each time is going to be the jackpot!
  • Wine – did I mention this one?
  • Energy – to be able to chase my toddler around again. I feel so guilty but I am the worst playmate at the moment, I dread getting down on the floor with him cos I know it’ll be so hard to get up again.
  • Nice skin, nails and hair – I know I’ll have to wait ages for this one, as the worst is yet to come. My hair will practically all fall out post-birth and I’ll get that horrible baby fuzz regrowth. When I was pregnant with H I had great nails, they seemed to grow faster and stronger, but this pregnancy my nails have been TERRIBLE, they split and crack and the cuticles are non-existent.
  • Kissing my husby – we’ve been sick tag-team for weeks now so it’s been like a permanent quarantine.  And germs aside, we’re just so busy with work and toddler-wrangling plus the belly gets in the way, romance is so very dead. I am aware this will not change with the arrival of a new baby, just lamenting it anyway!!
  • Wine. 

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