Monday, 4 March 2013

Who is that haggard old lady in the mirror?

Since having a baby I have changed. Not just emotionally and in maturity and priorities. But in appearance. I'm afraid to say that expression "she really let herself go" could not be truer for me. I used to be the person who spent an hour doing her hair and never left the house without make-up on. Now, if I get a shower or time to run a brush through my hair before I go out, it's a good day. This seems strange since I only have one child to care for. Let's just say he's a high maintenance child. A wonderful one. But he makes everything hard work.

If I get my hairbrush out he insists on taking it off me to brush his own hair. Refuse and risk the wrath of a toddler. Whilst getting dressed I am constantly interrupted having to stop him from pulling everything out of the boxes under the bed. Or resetting the alarm clock to GMT. If I try to do something like put sunscreen on, he demands the bottle and squeezes some cream out so he can rub it into his clothes, mimicking me. Bless him.

My clothes used to be unique, designer type pieces that flattered my figure and expressed my taste and style. Those are all packed away in zip-lock bags for the day when I magically lose that stubborn baby-weight. Now I sport cheap, loose or stretchy sacks from Target that are usually stained with some part of Hamish's breakfast and streaks from his dirty, sticky fingers. I haven't had a haircut in over a year. I rarely get the time to wax my legs and can't afford to pay to get it done any more.

The old me would find the current me pitiful. I sort of mourn the loss of that polished, put-together person. But I wonder if/when I get the "me time" back to be able to, how much of that effort I'll actually care to bother with.

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